Annie Jonas is an elder from Kuujjuaq. She’s a very talented seamstress from Kuujjuaq and is well known for her traditional dolls, mitts, slippers and uppiit (owls made out of seal skin). She’s also the mother of two talented carvers, Jimmy Jonas and Joseph Jonas. Annie’s Inuit Traditional dolls are made out of leather and […]

By Eloi H.on October 25, 2018
By Eloi H.on October 16, 2018

Sport fishing season and regulations In Nunavik, the sports fishing season for Arctic char, Atlantic salmon, landlocked salmon, sea-run trout, brook trout and lake trout starts on June 1st and ends on September 7 of each year. On the rivers identified as salmon rivers, the sport fishing season for Atlantic salmon, as well as for […]

By admin_inuuvungaon October 11, 2018